Anna and Andy Smith moved to Rochester in 2019 to open Gray Duck Theater & Coffeehouse. At Gray Duck we love bringing the community together around movies. In 2020, our nextdoor business, Dwell Local, moved to Zumbrota, where it continues to thrive (go check it out!). Because we love books just as much as movies, we decided to open a used bookstore in the space in 2021. We’re excited to build community around great books and stories! 

We stock all kinds of used books and puzzles, along with new cards, art, crafts, stickers, and fun knick-knacks. Come on over and check it out!

We take all kinds of books and puzzles! They can be brought in anytime during normal business hours. If you donate at least five, you will receive a coupon for 20 percent off used books and puzzles! 

Ordering New Books
If you are looking for a specific book, you can always come in and see if we happen to have a used copy in stock. If we don’t have it, we’ll put it on our list of books to keep an eye out for, and we’ll contact you if we get a copy!

But if you need it within a certain timeframe, you can also order a new copy online at our store on bookshop.org. When you order books through that link, they are shipped directly to you, and we receive 30 percent of the purchase price, which helps us out immensely. Thanks for supporting local when you can!

Gift Cards
Physical gift cards can be purchased in the store, and online gift cards can be purchased through this link. Online gift cards can be sent with a personal message and scheduled for a later date. It’s a quick way to send a wonderful gift, and a great way to support local business if your recipient lives in Rochester but you don’t.

If you would like delicious coffee while you browse for books, you can stop by Gray Duck Theater & Coffeehouse before coming, or you can order right from Garden Party using your phone and your coffee will be delivered to you here!

Free wifi is available! Come and hang out and get stuff done! The password is readmorebooks 🙂

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